Frequently Asked Questions:

How Will My Body React to the Cold Temperature?

Cold air therapy in the whole-body chamber uses dry, oxygenated air, so you won’t experience shivering, goosebumps or other reactions that you might associate with being cold. Because of this technology, unlike an ice bath or immersion, cryotherapy is not painful. In fact, your body will be more mobile and flexible during – and after – your whole-body cryotherapy treatment.

How Long Will My Whole-body Cryotherapy Treatment Take?

First-time cryotherapy users generally start with a 2-minute or 2 minute 30 second treatment. Treatments longer than 3 minutes 30 seconds aren’t necessary or any more effective. What’s most important is your skin temperature difference post-treatment. A technician will gauge your skin temperature before and after in order to ensure an optimum treatment experience. Individuals, based on BMI and vascularity, respond differently to cold and skin temperatures will vary.

How Will I Feel After My Treatment?

Unlike water or ice treatments, whole-body cryotherapy users experience full range of motion in muscles and joints post-treatment. With ice baths or icing, joints remain stiff for hours after. Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind.

Am I Locked In The Chamber?

No. The chamber doors are incapable of locking, and you can easily exit the chamber at any time before your treatment ends.

What Do I Wear During My Treatment?

We’ll provide a Cryo Kit for your experience that will include headwear, footwear, a mask and gloves. For optimum treatment, we recommend men wear comfortable shorts and remove shirts or wear tank tops. For women, we recommend comfortable shorts and a sports bra or tank top for maximum skin exposure. Ultimately, what you wear during your treatment is determined by your comfort level and desire for optimum treatment.

Any Questions?

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